Tea Partier Byron Donalds Endorses Outsider Curt Clawson | James Pat Guerréro

Byron Donalds
Curt Clawson

Tea Partier and nose-finish favorite of Naples Tea Party, Inc., Byron Donalds had the perfect opportunity to run for Special Election United States Congressional District 19 of Florida, but instead he endorsed Republican Curt Clawson, a self-proclaimed “outsider.” And nothing is known about Mr. Clawson’s policy, as there is no detailed political platform as of today.  Self-styling Naples Tea Party activism makes “¡Nada!” for an endorsement of Mr. Clawson who has been purported as an outsider of Washington with real business experience.

Byron Donalds claims that “I really did look at the field very strongly, and that’s why I made the decision to endorse him.”   But, what was in the field that he proved?  Politics is shallow water these days!  We know something about Byron Donalds, a tea partier conservative (the same thing was said of past Trey Radel.)  Who wants to place bets Curt Clawson is a tea partier conservative?  Republicans just don’t know what he stands for.

The Naples Tea Party is grasping for straws but not vetting or understanding any political platform of which is publicized.  Clawson’s political ad of shooting a basketball for a potential three-pointer is somehow supposed to lean toward brinksmanship, suggesting he can take on President Obama’s basketball prowess.  But, again, what does it prove?  It proves he can make a three-point shot, and that’s all she wrote.  One hopes the Lee [County] Tea Party is in line with the Naples Tea Party 2014 activism, otherwise there might be another “2012 oops” primary where they weren’t in harmony, and Trey Radel got elected.

Chances are the Naples Tea Party won’t make the same mistake this time building a coalition Republican team led by Lee County, as Curt Clawson is from Lee County.  If Curt Clawson wins, Collier County stands to be dictated again, and Lee County takes the heat if anything goes wrong.  Why would this work, though?  Alas, Naples Tea Party is likely this time to team up and strategy up with Lee [County] Tea Party.  The political guru computes this has a 3.5 out of 10 chance of winning the election.

Byron Donalds missed the special election ship passing in the night.  He could have had grassroots in the African-American and Hispanic growing population in Collier County, and more potentially, in Lee County, and served many disadvantaged folks who need help.  These are beautiful peacock feathers state senator Lizbeth Benacquisto could not have shown!  What a shame he did not run?  It made more sense, as many others sense the same way, he should have run!

It appears more is needed to win a Curt Clawson political basketball game.  How about a candidate’s team make-up?  That might help. Or, a candidate’s publicized strategy?  If there is one, tell somebody.  Surprises are wasted ambushes in the thick jungle where not many are willing knifing through, anyway.  By giving Mr. Clawson the benefit of the doubt, why does one begin doubting there’s a benefit in Mr. Clawson’s political platform?  ¿Sabe?

Curt Clawson will face:

“The other Republicans running are state senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, former state representative Paige Kreegel, Michael Dreikorn, Mike Gibens and Timothy Rossano.

Democrat April Freeman and Libertarian Ray Netherwood are also running in the special election to replace Radel who resigned from Congress on January 27th.

The special election primary will be held on April 22nd.” 1

Costly, the price tag of this special election is $500,000 plus, paid for by the State of Florida!

  1. http://www.jrn.com/fox4now/news/Byron-Donalds-endorses-Curt-Clawson-for-district-19—246241051.html

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