Michael Timmis: A Man for All Springs 2013 | James Pat Guerréro

timmis_t160I am on a Spring day in reference to Michael Timmis: Spring is the season of graduation » Naples Daily News.  Michael Timmis is still the Chairman of the Board of Ave Maria University.  In my last Euroclydon post I listed the issues of Michael Timmis’ position that needed an earnest time’s resolving.  One of them was regarding the taxpayers’ expense to fund the Ave Maria Rural Stewardship.  As listed last time and as to be listed again for future problem-solving capabilities of good and healthy minds, here is the fourth issue (out-of-order but not ordered out).

4.  Immoral use of taxpayer funds for Jackson Laboratory in Ave Maria Rural Stewardship

But before moving forward, some history is in order.  Jeb Bush’s rhinoceroses administration policed the Ave Maria Rural Stewardship with the help of environmentally inscribing minds of Collier county and state, some deep-seated government officials to be named in future posts.  This policy occurred at the same time that Thomas Monaghan came hunting for education from Michigan, in the early first decade of the present century.  It is correct to write that there never was a Rural Stewardship of any like, kind and quality in Florida.  Also, my reference supports taxpayer funding of the Ave Maria Rural Stewardship, and no longer Jackson Laboratory since it lost its bloody battle in the embryonic stem cell research debate.

It is correct to present that the environment was el número uno to consider rural stewardship, not catholic higher education.  The catalyst, though, was a financier, or financiers.  The financiers mainly on the plate were taxpayers.  Was Michael Timmis a financier? According to his own writing, he was not.  But this is unclear as to whether guilt or innocence applies which depends on whether spending or cutting is occurring. Here’s his quote from the Michael Timmis: Spring is the season of graduation » Naples Daily News article.

To begin with, he [Thomas Monaghan] made a far-sighted decision to embrace the innovative Rural Land Stewardship Program. This program enabled the town and university to be developed in a compact and sustainable way, with 17,000 acres of environmentally important land permanently preserved for flow ways and habitat at no cost to the taxpayers.

… at no cost to the taxpayers. (My italics.)  Well, that’s putting it wildly, but that is simply not true.  How can 17,000 acres of land and water mitigation and the increasing development of it not belong to the taxpayers?  Timmis is absolutely wrong and should not only account but also morally recover.  Michael Timmis chaired the board of trustees that elected for president of Ave Maria University Jim Towey, succeeding Nicholas Healy.


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