In review of this post, I support Commissioners Georgia Hiller and Tom Henning. We all hope Commissioner Tim Nance will follow suit on the application of basic free market principles that would help all residents of Collier county, Florida.

ThursdayMan | el hombre del jueves

… above financial hand-outs to perpetually dependent corporate welfare businesses.

via Guest commentary: Jackson Laboratory » Naples Daily News.

In other words, property (government funding by taxation) belongs to Collier County residents and businesses. It’s clear there’s a push-down effect occurring with Project Peet (Jackson Laboratory project). The push-down anti-property culture begins with the Obama Administration, earmarks through spending by the Democratically controlled Congress, subsidizes the National Institutes of Health, subsidizes the national health chapters, feeds the educational institutions, subsidizes the Ave Maria University’s president, Nicholas J. Healy, bails the Ave Maria Foundation, fat-cats the Ave Maria University Board of Regents, fat-cats the Ave Maria District, and entitles the local large property owners, businesses, and, above all, Jackson Laboratory.  Silent Nicholas J. Healy, president of Ave Maria University, doesn’t conduct himself with economic leadership on a potentially immoral economic reality that may affect Collier County for years to come.

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