Will the Justices’ Campaigns Openly Debate Me?

Will the Justices campaigns debate me?
On Friday, I went to St. Petersburg to debate some supporters of the Justices. I made the case that voters should consider the decisions Justices make when deciding whether to vote for them. Novel idea, right?There was on rule in the debate–we couldn’t talk about any decisions that the Justices have made! This is the Justices’ supporters strategy: talk about everything except the decisions they’ve made.

So here’s what I did: I formally invited the Justices campaigns to a debate. Voters need to hear an open discussion from both sides. It’s one thing to talk about the merit retention system in a room full of lawyers as I did Friday. It’s another thing to talk specifically about the Justices’ records.

I went into the lions den and talked with them on their terms. Now do you think they will send someone to talk about what really matters? Surely there’s someone in the legal community who would love to “set the record straight” on behalf of Justices Pariente, Quince and Lewis.

They have not responded yet, but here’s what you can do to help.

1. Email the Justices campaigns and ask them to serve the voters of Florida by engaging with Restore Justice in a cordial discussion where voters can hear both sides. If you know any lawyers, have them send an email as well. You can contact the campaigns by sending an email to dann

2. Write letters to the editor of your local newspapers and tell everyone in your local communities that the Supreme Court Justices only debate Restore Justice if the Justices records are off the table, because they are trying to hide their records. Tell them voters deserve an open and honest discussion from both sides.

More Analysis from Sunshine State News

This weekend SSN released a new piece analyzing a decision made by Pariente, Quince and Lewis. Their opinion is one that we’ve highlighted in our voter guide. They harmed small businesses throughout Florida by essentially re-writing workers’ compensation law right out of thin air.

Although this is a complicated case in some ways, I thought I’d pass it on for your own educational purposes.

Have a great weekend. And don’t forget to help me get this debate scheduled!

Jesse Phillips


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