Quick Pick || Vote “NO” Barbara J. Pariente on judicial retention to the Supreme Court of Florida | James Pat Guerréro

Quick Pick || Vote “NO” Barbara J. Pariente on judicial retention to the Supreme Court of Florida.

Looking for information about the records, rulings opinions and decisions of Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente? Based on our research, we’ve found a few decisions she has made and their impact on Florida families and tax payers. Please read about the issues and research the cases cited below:

  • Homeowners Rights: Expanded governments power to seize landowners’ property without fair compensation (10)
  • Patients’ Rights: Prevented challenge to the Obamacare individual mandate (1)
  • Education: Struck down school choice program that allows students to transfer out of chronically failing public schools (2)
  • Right To Vote: Violated 14th Amendment, struck ballot initiative before and after vote, rewrote election laws and devalued votes cast (1, 3, 8 )
  • Criminal Justice: Reversed guilty conviction of confessed murderer, made it harder to prosecute crime, struck amendment to protect death penalty (3, 4, 5, 9)
  • Junk Lawsuits: Changed the rules to make it harder for businesses to avoid junk and frivolous lawsuits (6, 7)
  • Appointment: Chiles (D) in 1997

Sources: 1) Mona Mangat, et. al. v Florida Department of State 2) Bush v Holmes 3) Armstrong v Harris 4) Delgado v State 5) Scott v State 6) Aguilera v Inservices, Inc. 7) Owens v Publix 8 ) Bush v Gore 9) Nixon v State 10) SJWMD v Koontz



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