The Debate Earthquakes Chris Matthews | James Pat Guerréro

Chris Matthews Freaks Out at Obama Debate Performance.

The first presidential debate rocks (no, earthquakes) the liberal U.S. media! Governor Mitt Romney against President Barack Obama was the debate of the lifetime. But more revealing is how Chris Matthews responded the morning after. He may need to take one of those liberal morning-after pills. (The author is a law-abiding catholic and doesn’t believe in morning-after pills.) But come on, big daddy Matthews, why can’t you endure the pain of President Obama’s lack of luster! His hope and change has soured into not-present and bored.

Although the political polls gauge chances of success, they are no real predictor – never will be. Can a probability and statistic put a candidate in office? However, the come-from-behind candidate does move the statistic – clearly. The author means 67% in favor of Romney to 23% – no margin of error there.

Back to Matthews. He can’t help himself from getting irked by his savior Obama. Matthews complained that the President looked down and didn’t look like a winner. That is quite truthful coming from an in-your-face news commentator who makes a living by being an in-your-face news commentator, who never looks down. Never, ever.

Let one sing the song: “I will never, ever, ever, ever, ever see you again!” (Paraphrase).

The U.S. media now is scrambling to come up with an excuse: punditry like, “not specific,” “planned retreat,” “attacker-in chief,” “waiting to the end,” “not factual,” and “not ready for a debate because of the presidential job!” One bets it is time for the President to go to Las Vegas.

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Chris Matthews Freaks Out at Obama Debate Performance.


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