One of the most critical planning scams in Florida.

ThursdayMan | el hombre del jueves

Ah, so!, as the Japanese say, Robert Mulhere is a lobbyist/consultant and owns Mulhere & Associates LLC, a Collier County lobbying firm. Yet, Mulhere actually works for the Collier County Economic Development Council (EDC) as Chairman, which also means he’s a government official. Coming back to government, any business, like Arthrex, Inc., has no choice but to somehow get around government to do business. With Mulhere’s credentials any business could decide to get his help. Ah, so!, Mulhere is on the side of business against another government official, Commissioner Hiller. By Mulhere’s claim, not only does Commissioner Hiller misrepresent growth in Jim Coletta’s District 5, which includes Ave Maria, but also Commissioner Hiller misrepresents her own District 2. The two potential growth spots for Arthrex happen to be in both Districts 2 and 5.

Mulhere’s hypothesis is negative. There is no reason why Hiller would misrepresent her District and Commissioner…

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