The cornerstone leadership trait: Unselfishness | Quantico Sentry Online | Col. James C. Brennan

The process of leading others is a human endeavor, not a science that can be quantified and categorized to fit into a neat set of instructions for success. Every individual is gifted with different levels of ability and capability to lead others; however the resulting success or failure is not solely based on those abilities.

Leadership is not only the purview of those with a talent for the task, but can be developed through mentorship and discipline and raised to a level unobtainable through individual effort alone. The traits of a good leader have been defined for us in our training as a guide for the development of our abilities while providing both a goal we should all seek to achieve as leaders and mentors of others along with a yardstick by which we measure ourselves.

There is no one single leadership trait more important than any other. All play an important role in developing our leadership philosophy. However, some traits rise to a higher distinction than others and mold the foundation of our individual philosophies influencing how we will lead when called to do so.

One of those essential traits to setting the foundation of a good leader is the willingness to sacrifice for others; putting our own personal needs and desires second to do what is in the best interests of those%2

via The cornerstone leadership trait: Unselfishness | Quantico Sentry Online.


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