The Lesser of Two Evils: Mitt | James Pat Guerréro

Revealing to the writer is Mitt.  Not his religion, not his wealth, not the party … it’s his brand of conservatism.  It just isn’t there like one likes it … hot! Paul Ryan was a brilliant maneuver to convince those conservatives to move over to the other side. Let one hope that enough conservatives do move over to the greener side to oust President Obama. The nation will have to wait and see in November. As for the writer, dreams don’t come true today, but maybe they will tomorrow. Newt is the writer’s man, true and blue – a conservative who would and could do more for the country.

Mitt stayed moderate from the beginning and never wavered. He was smart in that way in his grand campaign strategy, reminiscent of Governor Charlie Christ whose political managers were shrewd indeed in getting Charlie elected. Charlie rode the republican bandwagon but departed it later in the hopes of getting re-elected. It just didn’t work – too many republicans were upset especially because they gave money like those little old Florida women and the such.

But when it comes to conscience one has to vote correctly and it pains to have to vote for Mitt. A voter goes over the past on Mitt and wrestles with his flip-flops, his style of RomneyCare, his silence on immigration, and his snub to the Israeli state, etc. Indeed, there are certain hot buttons he will not push. ONLY WEALTHY MEN DO NOT PUSH HOT BUTTONS, not with an arrogant and  armored legal department.

What will become of our country? Obama racked up the largest debt in history in four years. Monetary policy is a pawn against worldwide inflation and unemployment. The élite has its own agenda but see that it is not the same as the wealthy’s interest, if the wealthy are good. The élite does more than get rich; they want to change the system of free market capitalism. To what? Well, it isn’t defined and it never will be defined.  It’s designed to be an unstable system, albeit an economy that furthers their interest.

Undecided, the writer is unconvinced by the hoopla against a miracle that is needed to end the Federal Reserve system, started in the early 1900’s. The libertarians have it right on this one. The republicans don’t have a clue – it’s hard for them to criticize when they’re  basking in the sun. So be it when Mitt gets elected, the first thing he will do is sign an executive order to do what? End Obamacare? It’s law. The supreme court just ruled in favor of it. So now the conservatives pay attention to the Senate. Remember when the writer wrote to leave Marco Rubio in the Senate. So, whose your daddy now?! The senate is so important, that not even Romney in his wildest imagination could correct it.


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