Clerk of the Courts – Why should you care?


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Dear James,
Wouldn’t it be great if our elected officials could work together to serve you, as a valued Collier County tax payer?

My name is John Barlow and I’m running for Clerk of Courts to do just that. I want to put my forty years of private business experience to work, and lead a turnaround to make the Clerk’s office professional, open and honest with Collier taxpayers.

What is the role of the Clerk of the Courts?
The Clerk of the Courts serves the citizens of Collier County as an accountant, auditor, keeper of the court and public records, responsible for court administration, and trustee of all public funds.

Why should you care?
The long-time incumbent Clerk of Courts has delayed or denied payments to local businesses without proper justification. The work was completed, accepted and payment requests were approved – but the Clerk denied funding. With bills to pay and no funding, these businesses were not able to pay the weekly wages of their employees.

Instead of paying the County’s bills on time, the current Clerk’s office has been seeking headlines and picking fights with businesses and county officials.

Several non-profit organizations report that the Clerk has unduly denied payment of approved federal grant money – compromising their ability to provide vital services to the children and families in Collier County who need it the most.

By clutching onto the county checkbook, the Clerk of the Courts is hurting local businesses and their employees – your neighbors!

It is time for a change!
The Clerk of the Courts will be elected on August 14th. All registered voters have a say in this race and the future of our community.

You deserve a responsible Clerk, one that works fairly with businesses and county officials, not one that attacks them on the front page.

As a community, we need a Clerk who is accountable for paying the County’s bills on time.

I will bring private business principles to the Clerk’s office to make it more efficient and affordable for taxpayers. Most of all, I’ll be honest about our finances. And I’ll pay the County’s approved bills on time. That’s a promise you can take to the bank.

I hope I can count on your vote for Clerk of Courts on August 14th. I would be honored to have your support.


John Barlow

Find me on Facebook

John Barlow for Collier County Clerk of Courts
4351 Gulf Shore Blvd N. Apt. 19N | Naples, FL 34103-2241
(239) 649-6380 | johnbarlow
Political advertisement paid for and approved by John Barlow, Republican, for Collier County Clerk of Courts.



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