Sheriff Takes Salary Increases While Road Deputies Suffer

Before you cast your ballot, please read this investigation on hidden pay increases for Sheriff Rambosk + his Command staff
Sheriff Rambosk and 100’s of Command Staff took Pay Increases over the Past 7 years

During the toughest economic times since the Depression, Governments at all levels, have been forced to downsize, to do whatever they can to survive … in Collier County

  • While our deputies … the men and women who put their lives on the line, day in and day out, have struggled to make ends meet, have had no pay increases in four years, endured hiring freezes, had cutbacks in hours worked …
  • While our teachers, our most important asset, were being laid off …
  • While our fire departments were being forced to make dramatic cut backs, putting our county at risk …
  • While property tax values and revenue were dropping …

Rambosk and his Command Staff WERE TAKING substantial salary increases year after year.

To provide transparency into what is really happening with Rambosk and these salary increases, please read the attached report and judge for yourself.

Rambosk does not and cannot deny this report. Attempting to defray this damning issue, Rambosk claims these "increases" are from overtime, promotions and cashing in on un-used vacation time. Again, look at the report. It’s not possible. Salaried employees don’t get overtime. Promotions don’t happen year in and year out. Cashing in on un-used vacation time only happens when you leave an organization, not year after year. His excuses don’t pass the grade. Road deputies did not receive raises. Only a handful at the top did. Rambosk’s notarized FY 2012 (2011) budget letter proclaimed that despite the "hardships" "NO MEMBER HAS HAD AN INCREASE SINCE FY 08 (2007)."

When he signed that document in May16, 2011

  • He and 108 others took substantial increases … some as high as 46%
  • In 2010, 65 had increases … some as high as 12%
  • In 2009, he and 90 others had increases … some as high as 31%

How is it acceptable that everyone HAD been asked to cut back WHILE RAMBOSK’S elite group ESCAPED ANY sacrifice WHATSOEVER?

Rambosk and his elite few have prospered when everyone else has sacrificed. Other mind blowing facts:

  • There are 38 people at the Collier County Sheriff’s Office that make more than $100,000; by contrast, on Lee County’s Command Staff, only 6 earn more than $100,000.
  • Since 2005, Rambosk and all the Chiefs have had their salary increased by more than 50%.

It is very clear that Rambosk has totally mismanaged this department.

But most importantly, Rambosk misled his deputies and the citizens of Collier County.

Enough is enough already.

Source of the Salary Data provides salary information as filed to the Florida Retirement Fund. Through an Open Records Request, they have access to actual W-2 salary information.

They provide transparency into how much taxpayer-paid employees are making for the entire State of Florida, not just Collier County.

Rambosk Does What he Wants without Oversight
Most people don’t know that Rambosk doesn’t report to anyone but the Governor. There is absolutely no oversight. No accountability. Rambosk does what he wants; he takes what he wants.

Who approves his increases? Who approves the other increases? How exactly are any increases even possible with declining tax revenues?

Here is the VERY SAD FACT about our government, including the Collier County government. There is absolutely no transparency.

Until we found this web site, there was no way for anyone to find this information. It’s hidden from taxpayers, buried in mounds of paper.

I have asked the Governor to initiate a special investigation of Rambosk’s fiscal irresponsibility.

Fixing the CCSO and Providing Transparency
Obviously Rambosk has to go. Once we fix the structure of the organization, we can hire additional deputies, improve public safety, improve logistics … all that and more.

We’re going to thoroughly review all HR and personnel components. Reviews. Salaries. Pay Scales. You name it.

Taxpayers will have full transparency into the NEW Collier County Sheriff’s Office. I promise you it will happen as soon as is possible.

What can you do?
First and foremost, get the word out.Pass this communication to everyone you know.Teachers, Firemen, EMS, other County workers … all need to know what is going on at the Sheriff’s Office.

If you are not registered to vote, you have until July 16. Please register. Your vote and your voice are very important. The August 14 primary is closed to Republicans only. If you are a Democrat and want to switch your party affiliation for this election, you have until July 16.

If you are registered to vote, you can vote in one of three ways: Absentee, Early or on August 14, 2012.

If you would like to contribute to my campaign so we can communicate the message more effectively to voters, click here.

Reject Rambosk. Elect Ortino.

Political Advertisement Paid for and Approved by Victor Ortino, Republican Candidate for Sheriff

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Ortino Investigation of CCSO Command Staff Salaries 2005 to 2011.pdf


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