Conservative Ave Maria Jim Towey on Jeb Bush & Marco Rubio | James Pat Guerréro

Read more:  Jeb Bush Insists No to VP, Urges Rubio Pick

Jeb Bush would want Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) to be the vice-presidential pick for GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney, not because it would help Romney become the Republican nominee, but because it would help Florida vote for Romney. This is how serious for Florida the primary Republican convention could be. But one would educationally (or politically) guess that the country has had “bastante” enough of the Bush line, supposing that the Bush line is more moderately Republican than one would think. Haven’t they had “bastante” time to improve the socially conservative issues? Ave Maria University  president H. James (Jim) Towey asked whether Jeb Bush would be president at a commencement ceremony at Ave Maria, Florida. The crowd responded with applause. Now Jim Towey at one time worked for a White House office under George W. Bush. Old times seem to be on the horizon for moderate Jim Towey. One would question whether Ave Maria University is conservative as NewsMax suggests. More likely it is moderate with liberal thinking tendencies, albeit it claims “catholicity in the catholic tradition” – there is no real meaning in that marketing suggestion in these times.

One would guess that Sen. Rubio would not be the correct choice for vice-presidential candidate as Florida is too purplish. It would be best to take the limelight off of Florida and win it underground. That would keep Sen. Rubio working in the Senate where help is desparately needed, and Sen. Rubio would not be wasted politically. Hispanics understand this important point of wasting someone, especially politically. Certainly, Jeb Bush would not be a hopeful president either, not because Jim Towey would simply relish that notion, but because another moderate Republican of the same Bush line is just another political nostalgia.

Jim Towey should be more careful on what he leans politically for a conservative catholic institution in the catholic tradition. But does he really know how to lean? Shall a catholic tell a catholic how to vote?


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