Newt Gingrich for President | James Pat Guerréro

As Americans tire of listening to the nightly political pundits, it becomes more clear how further away they get from the important issues: the economy, immigration reform, and debt. They seem to focus on the irrelevant as the U.S. media portrays it. It’s called serious American complacency – the idea that one is slough to think for oneself and follow one’s conscience in courage.

What makes a country strong is its courage to live, and live well at that – to live well enough to be the envy of the earth. The first step to get to this sublime goal is to have economic freedom. Then, civil freedom, then, political freedom. The first step is to be able to make a good living to support one’s family without government restriction. One sees in the union perspective the jealous desire of complacency. When who really pays for the fringe benefits of the unionized is the American taxpayer – those who actually work hard for every single dollar, who are truly conservative or who pay the dear price of loss for not being conservative.

Newt is the closest candidate to really understand the American need for economic freedom. He also is the closest to understanding what is truly needed for immigration reform as it’s tied so closely to the economy. As the November 2012 general election nears, it becomes blatantly obvious on how so close the country is on the precipice of danger or wonder. Choose wonder. Choose Newt for President.


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