Restore Justice 2012

Hey folks,

I wanted to send you a quick note about what I believe will be one of the most exciting statewide campaigns in Florida this election season. You might be familiar with an effort called Restore Justice, to educate voters about the records of three Supreme Court Justices, Pariente, Quince and Lewis. All three will be on the ballot facing a simple up or down vote this November.

A study released by the "American Justice Partnership" said, "Nowhere is the pattern of judicial activism more prevalent than in Florida." We have been working over the last 18 months to inform groups about the issue of judicial activism and the various decisions that have been made by our state SC justices.

Now I am happy to let you know that we are taking this campaign to the next level. Over the next few weeks we will be announcing a statewide leadership team and coalition of individuals throughout Florida’s 67 counties. I need your help right now to do this.

It’s early, but things are heating up. Many people are already circling the wagons and trying to discredit us. Three Former Florida Bar presidents, a former state Attorney General and former Supreme Court Justice have organized campaigns to minimize the importance of judicial record and attack our effort to educate voters. They have already sent out inflammatory emails calling our agenda "radical" and going so far as to say the judges have done absolutely nothing to deserve being removed from office. That’s quite an exoneration without even mentioning a single decision!

I need your help if we are going to be successful. The goal of our effort is simple: to tell as many people as possible about these three judges’ decisions on health care, education, frivolous lawsuits and criminal justice and other issues that are important to voters. Last election, 1 million voters left the judicial section of the ballot empty. A recent focus group found that out of 115 people surveyed, not one could name a single Supreme Court Justice. It’s vital that voters make informed decisions on every vote they cast, including Supreme Court Justices.

We are looking for people who will be willing to stand with us, help spread the word in your county, and to join our state wide coalition on the ground level of what the Tallahassee Democrat called, "the most hotly contested judicial elections in more than 20 years."

Would you be willing to help in your county? Send me an email!

Jesse Phillips


Restore Justice, Inc.


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