February 2: Storm clouds on the horizon | Redstate | Erick Erickson

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February 2 | Digest No. 26
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Storm clouds on the horizonErick EricksonThere are storm clouds on the horizon. A day after Mitt Romney‘s massive win in Florida he opened his mouth and promptly told conservatives he was incapable of articulating conservatism.Then Newt Gingrich found a bright line rule in the Republican rules that clearly and precisely states that all delegates awarded before April 1, 2012, must be proportional. There goes giving Romney all fifty delegates from Florida despite what Florida’s GOP Chairman says.

Then National Review and other Romney supporters, taking a bit of comfort in his secure win in Florida, decided they could finally express some buyers remorse, or at least now stop zealously defending him and criticize him some.

Then people really examined the exit polls in Florida. What they found was that turnout fell from 2008. But in counties where turnout was up, Newt Gingrich won. Where turnout from 2008 was down, Romney won. This pattern followed South Carolina. The base remains unexcited about Romney and his comments Wednesday about the poor and the social safety net keep the base from getting excited.

What should have been Mitt Romney heading into February securing his nomination now becomes an effort to stave off a rear guard action to pick him off. Gingrich and Santorum now have the ammunition they need to keep the Great Coalescing from happening.

What should have been a clear path to the nomination is suddenly in jeopardy.

We’ll get into it all in the Horse Race. Click Here to Read Erick’s Full Analysis!

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