Newt Gingrich Moves and Wins around the Suppressive Republican Establishment | James Pat Guerréro

Americans are smart to decide. Do they want the “republican establishment” Mitt Romney or the conservative republican Newt Gingrich? The polls show that these two men will receive the most Florida votes among them and Rick Santorum and Ron Paul in the Florida closed republican primary.

The republican establishment is alive and well and “keeps on ticking.” The republican establishment would do just about anything to have Mitt Romney win in the Florida primary. By the results of the CNN Florida Presidential debate in Jacksonville, Florida, last night, it is very clear that the republican establishment wants Mitt Romney to win in the Florida Republican primary on January 31, 2012.

Mitt Romney’s campaign staff was more than ready last night – it was like attrition warfare – hurls as many bombs as possible, don’t worry about hitting the target, just stop Newt from talking. Stuart Stevens, Mitt Romney’s campaign manager, probably came up with that strategy. Well, it worked. What could Newt do but hunker down while the missiles miss and the bombs explode all around him. Stevens of Stevens and Schriefer ordered a suppression strategy because Newt is lethally accurate when it comes to answering U.S. Media questions, like CNN’s. But the point is this: notice how the beloved republican establishment wants to win – “If Newt answers, we lose. If Newt responds, we lose. If Newt talks, we lose.” The republican establishment knows whats at stake here. Even Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) can’t decide what side he’s on – and other Florida republican congressman, too.

Americans are disappointed with the republican establishment. Today’s republicans are like the redcoats of yesteryear in the American Revolution. They’re the bad guys responsible, just like the democrats, for the high American debt, high American taxation, crony capitalism, and sucking up to Washington lobbyists – and – allowing huge financial bailouts that don’t work. The respect for the republican establishment is not high. Americans don’t view them as heroes.

If Romney would win the Florida closed republican primary, Americans will keep on working under depressive economic conditions, Americans will keep on watching the American debt go up, Americans will continue to see the American budget never balanced, Americans will laugh at the tiptoe diplomacy against the anti-Israel sentiment, Americans will never see a Cuban spring uprising, and Americans will winch at the hurt as the country goes moderate republican or worse. Nevertheless, Americans will continue to be the great Americans that they are even under a republican “suppressive” establishment.

Americans will also support Newt Gingrich and see him move and win around the suppressive republican establishment.


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