Americans Support Newt Gingrich for President | James Pat Guerréro

It is not a “bad” thing to be poor and “young.” Yet, the U.S. Media uses the “poor” and “young” to bring more government programs into existence than ever before in American history. If the U.S. Media took the position that the “poor” flourishes in the life-invigorating model of service and truth, then the philosophy of being poor changes outstandingly. If the U.S. Media promoted the position that American youth rejuvenate the nature of human life and ideals in self-gift and self-truth, then the existence of being young remains forever.

What the U.S. Media strives to achieve in success and in wealth is to use and abuse the poor and young. With its élite goals of liberalism, including elements of socialism, communism and wealth; it recreates systemic government structures as history churns in the modern era, not for the poor and young – but for itself, the U.S Media élite. One would say that the U.S. Media would kill to achieve its goal. This is no wonder as the means to a good end is usually an evil means, and it is immoral to use an evil means to achieve a good end. Convincing of morality will not appeal, though, because to the U.S. Media it is unreal rhetoric or absolutely changeable. Morality has been dragged down like a broken statue of Lenin left for photography to capture defeat.

America needs a leader who recognizes that the poor and youth are dignified people. A leader who understands the dignity they already have and practice in their life and work. A leader who recognizes that the poor and youth already know that the government can not give dignity and logistics – that dignity comes from the Supreme source and logistics comes from ownership of private property and opportunity to work for private property.

Today the convincing quality is man, leader – one who stands up and says something good – and keeps on saying it. A man who can be dragged down, but gets back up. If an argument were leaning at a door nearby, he would pick it up and accurately shoot it. He would not waver, he would not stumble, he would not be confounded by the U.S. Media. He would stand up to that garden variety Media behemoth with its flies swirling around its mouth and tell it like it is, even though truth is sometimes offensive-sounding. Truth could be the antidote to American complacency.

The numbness of the sting of the U.S. Media is so pervasive that Americans have become totally complacent to morality, logic, and self-preservation. The idea that somehow Americans are the wrong-doers in the world still persists in the U.S. Media. Newt Gingrich has written extensively on American Exceptionalism – the idea that America started it right in the American Revolution: tearing down tyranny and replacing rule by the people at the cost of shedding American colonial blood. To this day Americans in the military shed their blood for American Exceptionalism, though they may not be totally aware of it by the sting of the U.S. Media.

If Americans want a leader to stand up to the U.S. Media and their liberal powerbrokers, if poor and young Americans alike want to own property by having an opportunity to work to gain property and thereby experience their dignity, if Americans want a leader to help them with their complacency, then the course of America becomes very clear with Newt Gingrich.

Americans, then, know who is the best candidate, Newt Gingrich, to lead the American people down the right course for all Americans. Americans, then, support Newt Gingrich for president.

+ James Pat Guerréro


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