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What are Obama Zombies? (Watch)

Obama Zombies are Huge-geaaa! This particular group is from Maine (foreign country?), but they’re from around the United States, perhaps the world. On Obama’s election night they sang The Star Spangled Banner and Amazing Grace. They dribbled the words to The Star Spangled Banner like they knew the tune but not so well the lyric. In Amazing Grace, they are the “wretches” and “lost,” and Obama makes them not wretches anymore and saved them. They have a great perception that Obama is the answer to everything in their lives – Everything in Their Lives. Their greatest idea to goodness is “Change.” They like to emphasis the “Hussein” part of Barack Hussein Obama. In 2008, the young person at 18 began the Obama generation. The Obama Zombie is now about 21, but many older adults are also Obama Zombies, too. The “Obama Zombies” northeast…

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