The Republican Establishment Has No Fire | James Pat Guerréro

The weakness of dishonesty and critique may finally ember the republican establishment. The republican establishment has lost its fire. One isn’t worried about it, as long as it’s exposed. And it is.

Witness the last ABC News republican debate when Mitt Romney said to Newt Gingrich that we shouldn’t alienate the “Palestinian People” on Gingrich’s recent comment that the Palestinians were historically an “invented people.” Romney was almost beside himself when he stated unequivocally that people shouldn’t tell the truth; that people should shut up when they debate on the Israeli state and the Palestinian demand. This is only one instance of silence in debate, but the republican establishment is rife with it.

Romney gave this reason for what he said: True Leadership. What did this mean? It meant this – the republican establishment does not want a republican candidate to speak out on hot button issues (period). And Romney was following the republican establishment; furthermore, he was LEADING the republican establishment. That’s what the republican establishment calls true leadership, as though paganism is comfortable with the nostalgic; as though paganistic arguments are the most passionate; and as though, if pagans lose, feeling good is the goal. What the hey: No Pain, NO PAIN.

But where does this really lead all the people. Not toward any truth for sure.

Whereas Newt Gingrich did state in the debate unequivocally that the truth should be spoken. Is Newt Gingrich part of the republican establishment? One leaves it for the people to decide. He is on fire with the truth.


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