Newt Gingrich is the only candidate conservative on immigration reform | James Pat Guerréro

Thinking immigrantly, one measures Newt Gingrich’s immigration policy in reverse, because other presidential Republican candidates don’t seem to state a real bona-fide policy. Other Republican candidates have not to this day explained their positions as though immigration reform is an afterthought. Amnesty is non-inclusive policy because it doesn’t conform to true conservatism: economically dangerous for the United States of America. Newt is against amnesty.

Newt wants to secure the border: and it will be – whether through fencing, electronic surveillance, increased patrols or all the above.

Immigration laws are in place and need to be enforced: Newt will enforce the immigration laws of the land.

The Guest Worker program is an important given policy,  and Newt supports this necessary program.

Lastly, with over 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States, one conservative must find the gaps in ALL of the illegal immigrants where the criminals are deported; and where the families who pay taxes, fight in the U.S. military, and contribute to American society remain under the conditions that they apply for legal citizenship, continue to pay taxes, learn English, contribute to American society, and take an oath to the United States Constitution.

Notice how the other Republican candidates don’t articulate on immigration reform, but they do say Newt is pro-amnesty, which is the furthest idea from Newt’s immigration transformation idea. In fact, other Republican candidates position themselves against reason and end up implying the break-up of many families: destructive of immigrant family cohesiveness – an important family/social conservative issue.


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