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Emily Gets Her Gun, Part 8 Washington’s unsafe gun-safety course – HUMAN EVENTS | Emily Miller

Posted in U.S. Constitution: Amendment II (Second) by James Pat Guerréro on 12/06/2011

To legally own a gun in the nation’s capital, you have to take a gun safety class from a D.C.-certified instructor. Whether you have owned your guns (in another state) for 20 years or never touched one before (like me), you must take four hours of classroom instruction and one hour at the shooting range before Washington will let you register your gun.

This requirement has become my biggest source of frustration in getting a legal handgun because the city makes finding a class so difficult.

The safety class is not offered by the police so you have to find a “certified firearms instructor” to teach it.

In the large stack of papers handed to me at the D.C. Gun Registry office, there were two pages listing certified instructors. At the top of the page is a clarification: “It should be noted that these individuals do not work for, nor do they represent the Metropolitan Police Department.”

So who are these people? I have no idea.

The list has 47 random names with phone numbers. The numbers are mostly D.C.’s 202 area code, which doesn’t help to figure out where they are located because the city’s laws ban the class from being taught inside the Beltway. The list does not give the instructor’s address, background information, website or certification. It is less informative than a

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