Governor Rick Scott’s Weekly Newsletter – December 2, 2011

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Investing in Education Means

Investing in Florida’s Economic Future

One of my duties as Governor is to ensure that every student gets a good education and the opportunity to get a job. By ensuring that Florida has the best education workforce, companies will recognize our state as the best place to tap into talent that will allow businesses to grow and succeed.

While education is essential to Florida’s economy, our state is facing a "perfect storm" of unique challenges when it comes to funding education. Let me quickly summarize the budget situation Florida’s schools are facing next school year:

  • For the 2012-13 school year, we anticipate an increase of more than 30,000 students. At the current funding level of about $6,262 per student, Florida will need to spend about $191 million more on education than we are this school year.
  • Florida’s growing student population comes at a time when we also estimate a three percent loss of local revenue, meaning Florida school districts will have over $200 million less to spend.
  • Add to this deficit the discontinuation of $554.8 million in federal funds to Florida school districts this year.
  • In addition, we will have to overcome the challenge of losing $224 million in one-time funding from the State of Florida.

In spite of this bleak budget picture, I am committed to increasing Florida’s investment in the education of our young people. To gain a better understanding of how Florida needs to invest in education, I am meeting with teachers across our state to hear their ideas about how to improve our schools and encourage student achievement.

Teachers are essential to the success of our schools and our students, and I am confident that those who daily work daily to inspire children and young people to learn and achieve their dreams can show us the best way to invest Florida’s education dollars.

Education pays, and we clearly must find a way to increase our investment in Florida’s students. Please share your ideas with me by emailing rick.scott.

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Promises Made, Promises Kept:

Governor Scott and Colt’s Manufacturing Co. Announce New Jobs Coming to Osceola County

Florida’s Natural Resources: The State’s Economic Engine

Florida breaks through 100,000 Jobs Barrier


Throughout November, First Lady Ann Scott focused on raising awareness for National Adoption Month and for Florida’s children in foster care. Each week, this newsletter featured a different child available for adoption, including sibling groups, teenagers, and children with medical conditions. These and other children told their stories on video at as part of “30 Days of Amazing Children: Explore Adoption!”

The First Lady has enjoyed meeting many of the foster children waiting for adoption in Florida, and they truly touch her heart. She believes that every child deserves a strong start in life, beginning with a loving home and parents to guide them. However, on any given day in Florida, approximately 800 children still live in foster care waiting to find their forever families.

Mrs. Scott urges you to do something today and throughout the year to change the life of a child. With your help, these children can be matched with loving adoptive families. While a private adoption can be expensive, adopting one of Florida’s children in foster care costs little or nothing. Benefits include a monthly adoption subsidy and federal adoption tax credit for the adopted family as well as free health benefits and college tuition for the adopted child.

For information on how to adopt Florida’s amazing children in foster care, please call 1-800-96-ADOPT (1-800-962-3678), visit, or follow @ExploreAdoption on Twitter.

This week Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll as Chair of Space Florida led the first “space states” conference. Florida, as the birthplace and world epicenter of space flight, is the leader of the space states. That’s why Lt. Governor Carroll held a first of its kind meeting in Orlando. With a lack of direction from the federal government on the future of American space flight and science, Florida and our space faring state partners decided to lead the effort to increase commercialized space programs and to embrace new science and new ideas that recognize the changing horizon of aerospace as an industry set for massive growth. Thanks to our ready and skilled workforce, our great universities, our burgeoning space and aerospace industry and our dedication to our military installations, Florida is uniquely positioned to lead our fellow United Space States into the new century of space, aerospace, science and technology. This effort will lead to good paying jobs for generations of Floridians to come.


Executive Office of the Governor | 400 S Monroe St | Tallahassee, FL 32399 THE GREAT SEAL OF THE STATE OF FLORIDA • IN GOD WE TRUST
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