It’s been an historic 48 hours

Newt 2012
Dear James,

Something incredible happened over the last two days, and if you rely on theNewt 2012 traditional media, you may have missed it. Friday night, I was with the campaign in Iowa for a Ronald Reagan dinner, and after watching four of the other candidates speak, Speaker Gingrich confidently took the stage. What he did next defied the viciousness of the modern political campaign: Newt offered praise for each of the candidates in the room individually. He praised them for their strengths, and then made his case why he is the best candidate to be the next President of the United States, and he did it without tearing others down to make himself look good.

He also promised that after he got the nomination that his schedule would become the White House schedule, and he would appear four hours after every Obama appearance until the President agreed to seven, three-hour Lincoln-Douglas style debates. There will be no moderator, just a timekeeper, and as an extra incentive the Speaker would be willing to allow the President to use a teleprompter! It is becoming more common to hear Newt get the loudest applause, but Friday night in Iowa, he brought the house down!

Saturday, the campaign traveled to Texas for a unique discussion on entitlements with Herman Cain. The format allowed both of the candidates to go beyond :30 second sound bites and give detailed answers on Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. The media has already tried to portray the event as a “snooze fest,” but I can tell you that the audience was enthralled! The overwhelming feedback from the audience was that they "wish all the debates were like this.”

The major media largely tried to ignore this event because it threatens their debates, which tend to focus more on their moderators and perceived personal drama than on policy. They tell us that is the only way they can get ratings, but last night proved that to be hogwash!

After the event, one reporter asked if fundraising was the only thing left blocking Newt from the Republican nomination. That kind of question clearly shows that even the media is starting to see the momentum of this campaign, but they want to know if we can raise enough money to be competitive.

We need to make a statement to the media that this surge is real by making this week the best fundraising week of the campaign! If you have been won over by Speaker Gingrich’s ideas and would pay money to see a Newt-Obama debate, here is your chance. Let’s raise ONE MILLION DOLLARS for Newt 2012 this week! If you are ready for a new kind of campaign, bold changes, and experienced leadership please make a generous contribution right now!

I know that many of you have already given to the campaign recently, and we are so grateful for your continued support, but it is important that we put a huge fundraising number up this week. If you can afford another financial contribution, will you please invest in this campaign again today?


RC Hammond
Press Secretary
Newt 2012

Donate Today

To Donate By Mail Please Send Checks To:

Newt 2012
Post Office Box 550769
Atlanta, GA 30355

Upcoming Events

Newt is interviewed on The Today Show
Monday, November 7 2011 — 7am ET

Newt calls into the Neal Boortz show with Herman Cain
Monday, November 7 2011 — 11am ET

Newt calls in to Bill O’Reilly’s Presidential Townhall
Monday, November 7 2011 — 6:45pm ET

Newt is interviewed on Hannity
Monday, November 7 2011 — 9pm ET
Fox News

Newt is interviewed on Fox and Friends
Tuesday, November 8 2011 — 8am ET
Fox News

Newt is on Brett Baier’s "Center Seat"
Tuesday, November 9 2011 — 6pm ET
Fox News

Newt participates in the CNBC and Michigan GOP Debate
Wednesday, November 9 2011 — 8pm ET
Oakland University
Rochester, Michigan
Host a debate watch party

Newt is interviewed on Piers Morgan
Wednesday, November 9 2011 — 9pm ET

Newt participates in the Granite State Patriots’ Constitutional Conversation
Thursday, November 10 2011 — 6-8pm ET
St. Anselm College
Manchester, New Hampshire

Newt participates in National Journal/CBS Debate
Saturday, November 12 2011 — 8pm ET
Wofford College
Spartanburg, SC
Host a debate watch party

Newt and Callista screen Nine Days That Changed the World at Santa Maria Winery
Monday, November 14 2011
6:00 pm — Reception and Book Signing
7:00 pm — Screening
218 West 6th Street
Carroll, IA 51401

Newt speaks at First Coast Tea Party Townhall in Jacksonville, FL
Thursday, November 17 2011 — 2pm-3:30 ET
Zamar Conference Center
8493 Baymeadows Way
Jacksonville, FL 32256

Callista speaks at the Women Working for Change Conference
Friday, November 18, 2011 — 10:20 am ET
Gaylord National
201 Waterfront Street
National Harbor, MD 20745
Note: Callista will hold a book signing after her remarks

Newt and Callista screen A City Upon a Hill at Harvard University’s Institute of Politics
Friday, November 18, 2011
5:00 pm – Screening
6:00 pm – Forum and Q&A Session
6:45 pm – Book Signing
Harvard Square Coop
1400 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02138

Callista signs books at Hooray For Kids Bookstore
Saturday, November 19, 2011 — 2:00 pm
Hooray for Kids
1555 King Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

Newt and Callista sign books at Books-A-Million in Naples, FL
Saturday, November 26, 2011 –11:00 am ET
9100 Strada Place
Naples, FL 34108

Newt 2012


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