On All Hallow’s Eve and Politics | James Pat Guerréro

‘One is glad yesterday is over,’ someone said. All Hallow’s Eve, commonly called Halloween, is one of the most misinterpreted days of the year. Everyone tries to make something out of it, but no one and all agree together on what it really means. On the significance of Halloween is best understood in relation to All Saints Day, which is today, November 1st. Did one go to Mass?: it’s a Holy Day of Obligation.

Proceeding to explain in three succinct parts the judeo-christian perspective, which is not accepted, of course, but remains the best explanation in civilization thus far, whether one accepts it or not.

‘Why is one glad Halloween is over?’

Well, as President Reagan always started out, and thinking to himself why the misleading question was incorrectly stated, ‘You are not correct in asking.’ One should be sad, very sad, indeed, that Halloween is over. Halloween is the closest experience Americans have of secularists’ death without someone really dying, or a funeral and burial going on here and there, or someone who is very close to dying of deadly cancer, for instance. The Halloween experience is good for children, too, for even the beloved children will die today or tomorrow. And certainly children respond happily during Halloween – how does that happen?

Proceeding to explain the second point on why everyone does not agree.

On All Hallow’s Eve and Politics

The first thought is that the witches and warlocks must be very unhappy today. One imagines them to be cursing by this time of day, especially after one has been to Mass.  ‘The warriors have defeated us again,’ they remind themselves. Interesting that only the damned understand who the enemy really is: Jesus and all his Saints – and the church, one must not forget. The second thought is that politics is the field of supernatural warfare. Did the author mention anything about political correctness, or violent rhetoric, or physical fields of battle with cruise missiles, assault rifles, and improvised explosive devices (IED)? The supernatural spirit that wants one dead is the same supernatural spirit that wants one to disbelieve that American politics is good, is necessary, and is sufficient. Or, the other worse contingency is that one goes into physical battle, i.e., like the wars of the past, which is like the war of today: the infants/unborn fighting a losing battle.

Proceeding to explain the third and final point on how to understand Halloween in relation to All Saints Day.

On All Saints Day

The physical and mental pain and sometimes, horror, that the Saints have experienced is everything one encounters in life before acceptance with Jesus face to face. The saints meaningfully during their season of Halloween have visited the dead and have been visited by the dead. The saints, although having experienced physical death, have not died spiritually. Knowing the full brunt of hell was coming, the saints relied on the mercy of Jesus and placed their trust in him, and they passed from life to life. In politics, the hound of hell mercilessly pains the living soul to flee the silly practice of faith in the practical/political and useless world of ideas. Using Halloween to practice militancy in faith and politics means becoming saints. Go.


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