Donahue Academy of Ave Maria Educational Rigidity is Un-Catholic | James Pat Guerréro

Communication and trust is key among parents and teachers on a child’s education. But in one function of a school the teacher’ s responsibility breaks down. It breaks down at Donahue Academy of Ave Maria on student’s assignments and homework. Specifically, it breaks down with the Assistant Head of School Dr. Marc Snyder of Donahue Academy of Ave Maria, who enforces the policy on assignments and homework.

Parents have the primary responsibility to educate their children. This is about as catholic as one can get. Where the responsible line can be broken is when the school is included in the chain of responsibility in a catholic setting. Here is where there can be un-catholic rules and standards applied. Parents and students are intact; that is, parents are involved, and the student is trying.

However, the school responds in an inordinate way. The school negates its responsibility in communication and trust by not reporting feedback on a student’s assignment and homework. The school believes that its only the student’s responsibility to write the assignment, and therefore, tell the parents on the assignment. Children aren’t as mature as teachers and parents and can and will get it wrong sometimes.

According to the policy the school has a third-party online education management system called RenWeb which lists all the student’s assignments, completed homework, disciplinary actions, grades, etc. – practically the whole student’s educational record. Parents login to RenWeb’s login page and discover it isn’t even activated.

Relating to assignments and homework RenWeb should contain a teacher’s assignments and due dates. Easily the parents verify the assignments, not through the student, but through RenWeb. Here the chain of responsibility continues. Where it breaks is when RenWeb doesn’t report the assignments. Either the teacher or the school is at fault. Dr. Marc Snyder is at fault for not continuing the responsibility.

The precise break in communication and trust is the relegation of responsibility to the student and not to the teacher for insuring that the parents get the assignment first and accurately. Rigidity in catholic education is really unnecessary because it’s like unjust war today. It’s unnecessary because in a technological world where communication is constant and ubiquitous war is unnecessary. So is educational rigidity.


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