Collier County Teachers’ Union and the Time Value of Money | James Pat Guerréro

The leader of the Collier County Teachers’ Union Jonathan Tuttle thinks the 3% retirement reduction should be offset by an increase of 1% in salary, a step up in schedule for eligibles, a 2% bonus every year for non-eligibles, and special adjustments for those with advanced credentials.

Taxpayer money is taxpayer money; it doesn’t change to no taxpayer money when a new state law goes into effect. This offset proposal goes nowhere because it’s illogical. The teachers are having their pay reduced net by the 3% retirement reduction to save taxpayer money. One doesn’t do a go-around to make up from another fund to net the same pay before the retirement reduction.

Teachers sometimes make the math come out in their favor. That’s what they’re good it – teaching math. But it’s not business math, and it has nothing to do with saving money and the time value of money. Considering the Collier County Public Schools is the largest employer in the County, the offset proposal equates to the status quo. Now, isn’t that correct, Mr. Tuttle?

Read More: Collier Schools and teacher’s union continue negotiations » Naples Daily News.


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