Collier County District 5 Redistricting to Meet Online | James Pat Guerréro

Commissioner Hiller is correct again. The advertising of the civic redistricting responsibility lacks. She stated,

“At the district 2 public meeting, my understanding was that there were only about 20 or so residents that attended. This does not reflect a lack of voter interest,” she wrote. “This reflects ineffective notice and inconsiderate timing.”

Yes, on inconsiderate timing, there is no considerate timing. Yes, on ineffective notice, there is no effective notice.

The people don’t fully understand the process and the timing. One guesses that many don’t even know that Collier County is one of those five “covered jurisdiction” counties of 67 counties in Florida that falls under the Voting Rights Act of 1965 that any change in political redistricting must be reviewed by the U.S. Department of Justice. Justice review demands at least 60 days. Yours truly reported previously that the Supervisor of Elections Jennifer Edwards hasn’t tried to update that federal law. Why doesn’t she?

What must be done? Well, here’s one question. Since the census reported that the Hispanic population increased at least 25%, is that ethnicity, not race as David Weeks incorrectly called, properly represented in its appropriate district according to the new demographical information? If not, then the lines should be redrawn appropriately, and, therefore, the same mistake won’t endure another 10 years. Without using a magnifying class here, one guesses that Northeast Collier County, Golden Gate, Golden Gate Estates, north and south, and East Naples should be redrawn carefully.

But, of course, that won’t be done. Not because the people don’t want to be involved, but because the commissioners don’t want to lead and inform the people to be involved, except Commissioner Hiller. Collier County management is too entrenched is in its old, tiresome way.

Any Collier County citizen who would like to join the author in redistricting District 5, just email . This group can save taxpayer money that the County pays to the law firm of Bond, Schoeneck & King as its professional redistricting consultant. This group shall meet online at scheduled times and resolve most of the issues electronically. Time is running out.

Read More: Low turnout at Collier redistricting meetings questioned by Commissioner Hiller » Naples Daily News.


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