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James Pat,

As the weekend gets underway, I wanted to take a brief moment to update you on the latest news from the Susan B. Anthony List:

Values Voter Bus Tour News Clips, Townhall Op-Ed

In case you missed it, our Values Voters Bus Tour across Iowa received a ton of positive media coverage. We’ve gathered all the clips on our website, and I encourage you to take a few minutes to watch a few television clips or browse through some slideshows of pictures from the road.

Presidential candidates, voters, and the media heard our message loud and clear when the results of the poll came in: the top four vote-getters were all signers of the SBA List Pro-life Presidential Leadership Pledge!

To hammer the message home, SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser wrote an op-ed that was published on entitled “No Truce on Abortion For 2012 Candidates.” Check out the article below and make sure to post any comments at

$45,000 Matching Gift Challenge Extended

Thanks to the generosity of the SBA List family across the country, we raised just under $30,000 towards the $45,000 matching gift challenge that was put forth last week by a longtime friend of the SBA List.

Because we came up short of the goal, our generous friend has chosen to extend the opportunity to have your donation doubled, dollar for dollar, through this Sunday night at midnight. Our friend understands that a lot of folks have been away on vacation this past week and that the stock market has taken a hit. James Pat, every little bit will help us reach our goal, so please chip in whatever you can by this Sunday at midnight. You can be assured that every dollar will be spent wisely!

Appeal Filed in Driehaus Lawsuit

As you know, we recently learned that a federal judge — appointed by President Obama — denied our motion for summary judgment against the frivolous lawsuit brought against us by ex-Congressman Steve Driehaus. This opens the door for your SBA List to be put on trial for defamation.

The Judge also dismissed our challenge to Ohio’s “false statement” law, which even the ACLU agreed chills free speech. Driehaus tried to use the law to silence us because we were spreading the word about his betrayal of unborn children. He caved to Nancy Pelosi and provided one of the key votes necessary to pass Obamacare, the biggest expansion of abortion since Roe v. Wade.

This week, we announced that we filed for appeal. Marjorie was quoted in The Hill newspaper, saying:
“The idea that a judge would take it upon himself to police speech, specifically statements on a position taken by the majority of the U.S. House of Representatives, The Congressional Research Service, the Catholic Church, and the entire pro-life movement, shakes our Constitutional foundation. It is as if we woke up in the middle of Orwell’s 1984.”

As you can see, the Susan B. Anthony List is not backing down and we will continue to keep you updated on this critical court case.

Enjoy your weekend!

Emily Buchanan
Executive Director
Susan B. Anthony List

No Truce on Abortion For 2012 Candidates

Some Republicans in recent months have suggested that social issues, including the issue of protecting innocent, unborn children, will take a back seat during the 2012 election cycle. The nation’s unemployment rates, foreclosure rate, and credit rating, are all worse than they were when Obama took office in 2009. He has failed to turn the nation’s economy around and continues to blame his failures on his predecessor.

For these, and other fiscal and economic reasons, some have speculated that social conservatives are going to play second fiddle in the coming Presidential election.
The Republican presidential primary season launched into full swing in Ames, Iowa last week, and one thing was made perfectly clear: the issue of Life will be front and center in the Republican nominating process.

Each of the candidates in Iowa showed they are not just going to pay lip service to the pro-life community and its efforts. Michele Bachmann, Ron Paul, and Rick Santorum made specific references while in Ames to the importance of protecting life and testified to their determination to take the fight to the federal level if elected to the White House.

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, winner of the Iowa Straw Poll, made clear her pro-life convictions during the Presidential Debate, stating, “I believe you can get money wrong, but you can’t get life wrong."

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