Taxpayers Recover the Salaries of the Reclaimants of Picayune Strand | James Pat Guerréro

Not only a budget axe befell Mike Duever but also a moral axe, speaking metaphorically. At this time it is unknown how many families, businesses, and private properties were displaced by the federal and state environmental protection agencies. One guesses many, very many. Now the South Florida Water Management District has to do its environmental thing with a more conservative philosophy with no pun intended.

One doesn’t fantasize (if that’s an appropriate word to use) that any scientific study could prove that the Picayune Strand was really saved considering the immensity of God’s creation of the Florida Everglades that can and will repair itself, that is, if one believes in God’s great nature. Even Albert Einstein appreciated wondrous nature on how so little one knows about it.

It’s a very good thing to hear the budget reduced. But it’s greater to hear the taxpayers recovered the salaries of those who reclaimed Picayune Strand. It’s okay that Mike Duever continues to volunteer his efforts. The Florida Everglades will be around for a long time with or without him. The Spanish Extremadura (the other Everglades) will be around for a long time, too.

Read More: 10 local positions among 134 layoffs at South Florida Water Management District » Naples Daily News.


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