Big Corkscrew Island Fire Control & Rescue District of Collier County |

Our History

The Big Corkscrew Island Fire Control and Rescue District was created by the Florida Legislature and a vote of the people in 1977. The creation of the District was prompted by the citizens living in the Corkscrew Island Community based on the premise that Collier County was not able to provide fire protection services. (In essence that is how a special district is formulated a municipality is unable or unwilling to provide a service that the citizens want. A citizen initiative is begun, petitioned to Florida Legislature and if passed then a voter referendum is held for final approval.)

In the beginning the apparatus were stationed at individual houses, as the fire department was 100% volunteer. In 1982 the first fire station was constructed and is currently still in use today known as Station 11. The first paid personnel were hired in 1985. In 1987 the second fire station was constructed this too is currently in use today and is known as Station 10.

Station 10 and Station 11 were staffed 7 days a week, by paid and volunteer personnel until 1996. In 1996 the Fire District started 24 hour operations. Station 10 was constructed with this goal in mind and so personnel were stationed there on a 24/48 hour shift with 1 person assigned to each of 3 shifts. This individual was augmented by volunteer personnel and 2 day time staff members that worked out of Station 11.

In 2002 Station 12 was constructed on the corner of Immokalee Road and Everglades Blvd. Station 12 was designed for 24 hour operations. Station 11 became the maintenance facility and also housed our reserve apparatus, upon the opening of Station 12.

In 2005 a new Administrative facility (often referred to as Station 10A) was constructed to the rear of Station 10. The administrative offices relocated to the new facility to open more room for the day to day operations taking place at Station 10.

Today the district operates from the above mentioned facilities and has a paid staff of 26 personnel. Station 10 and Station 12 are staffed 24 hours a day with a minimum of 2 people per station and a maximum of 4. Our mechanic is based out of Station 11 and our Inspector, Secretary, Assistant Chief and Chief work out of the Administrative Facility.

We are proud to be part of a community that took the initiative to better protect its citizens and we look forward to continuing our positive relationship with our community as it continues to grow and develop.

via Big Corkscrew Island Fire Control.


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