Immigration Re No-form Barbara Mainster Style | James Pat Guerréro

One is not certain whether there is real good in hearing grievances at these meetings instead of resolving issues for the legislative delegation to take to Tallahassee. But one issue is certain: non-profit organizations and entities that depend on public funding (taxpayer funding) for its own existence and employment are not the only entities who represent the people, families, and businesses of Collier County. Some of these entities bring up social issues that when truly tied to the markets expect the government to resolve “only” the social issues. That idea simply can’t be resolved by the government. For example, in the Naples Daily News article,

Barbara Mainster, executive director of Redlands Christian Migrant Association (RCMA), will be among those bringing concerns forward. Mainster said her organization will ask that legislators not take up any legislation about E-Verify, an Internet-based employee verification program.

“We’re not asking for anything for ourselves,” Mainster said. “We saw how much time was spent on it last year, and I think the general population is tired of elected officials spending time on things that have no meaning other than political.”

Social issues are family issues, but in a different mask to Barbara Mainster. Mainster tries to separate immigration reform from social issues. In other words, E-Verify has nothing to do with social issues or immigration reform because E-Verify is political. Big idea, small meaning. It’s like no form immigration reform.

This is just Mainster’ idea, and there are others with similar ideas like her’s who say “the general population is tired of elected officials … political.” One gets it.

Immigration reform must be resolved, and it is tied to the family and private property. Businesses prosper on the immigration population, good people or criminal people. Despite those notions of applied Christianity (of the RCMA type) that end up going non-political, Christians and Jews must face the economic problems of families and businesses, which include immigrants. More and more clearly, one is seeing self-deception in the dialectic and backwardness in justice that should demand economic freedom, not only for immigrants, but also for citizens and permanent residents of Collier County.

Rep. Matt Hudson, R-Naples, and Rep. Kathleen Passidomo, R-Naples, take good and thorough notes of those people and organizations who debate. Without debate, what is there?

Read More: Collier’s state lawmakers to hear appeals Thursday about immigration, environment » Naples Daily News.


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