Hold Congressmen accountable for their debt limit votes | Michael A. Needham

Hold their feet to the fire!
Hold Congress accountable for the debt limit vote.
Dear James Pat,The debt bill passed this month effectively gives liberal Democrats carte blanche to increase taxes and gut our military. This threatens the very foundation our country was built on.

We must take action now to hold lawmakers accountable for their votes.

As we warned, the spending reductions in the deal negotiated by Speaker John Boehner, President Obama and Senate Democrats were entirely and woefully inadequate. The “cuts” made will do nothing to reduce the current $14.3 trillion debt.

Conservatives have no choice but to hold each member of Congress accountable for their votes on this and other travesties.

Find out what you can do right now to make this possible.

Heritage Action for America is launching a tool to ensure Congress is held accountable. Next week, we are making public for the first time a scorecard that grades every member of Congress based on votes on key bills and amendments.

With your help today, our scorecard will play an instrumental role in shaping future legislation and protecting your freedoms. Our plan is to promote this in Washington and in key Congressional districts. We cannot do this without your immediate help.

Thank you for all you do.


Michael A. Needham
Chief Executive Officer
Heritage Action for America

P.S. Americans are waking up to the bigger problem at hand and we have a plan. Be a part of the movement to hold Congress’ feet to the fire by visiting Heritage Action today.
Heritage Action for America | 321 D Street NE | Washington, DC 20002

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