Life Wins in Iowa | Marjorie Dannenfelser

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James Pat,

This past weekend, the SBA List enjoyed our first success on the road to victory in 2012, as pro-life presidential candidates swept the Ames Iowa Straw Poll!

Each of the top four vote-getters – Rep. Michele Bachmann, Rep. Ron Paul, Gov. Tim Pawlenty, and Sen. Rick Santorum – signed the SBA List Pro-life Presidential Leadership Pledge.

The message sent by the straw poll voters in the “First in the Nation” state of Iowa could not have been anymore clear to the media, the Republican Party, and the rest of the nation: Life matters, and only an authentic pro-life leader will be able to defeat President Obama in 2012.

That was the precise message of the SBA List’s Values Voters Bus Tour 1,305 mile trek across Iowa with our friends at the National Organization for Marriage and Family Research Council Action.

Last week, Congresswoman Marilyn Musgrave and the SBA List staff hit the road to encourage Iowans to only vote in the Straw Poll for presidential candidates that signed our Pro-Life Leadership Pledge.

Rep. Steve King (R-IA), Rep. Marilyn Musgrave & Tony Perkins of Family Research Council

Our Bus Tour did not go unnoticed by the presidential candidates. In fact, we were honored to be joined by Michele Bachmann, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Thaddeus McCotter on the tour. And they carried our pro-life message to the voters.

Take a look at these statements from the top candidates:
Michele Bachmann
“I believe you can get money wrong, but you can’t get life wrong.” – FOX/Examiner Presidential Debate, 8/11/11

Ron Paul
“The prime reason that government exists in a free society is to protect liberty, but also to protect life, and I mean all life…all Life is precious.” – Ames Straw Poll speech, 8/13/11

Rick Santorum
"The child [concieved in rape] is an innocent victim. To be victimized twice is a horrible thing. It is an innocent human life, genetically human from the moment of conception and is a human life…we should help women in those terrible situations that have been traumatized already. To put them through another trauma of an abortion is too much to ask…one violence is enough." – FOX/Examiner Presidential Debate, 8/11/11

Promoting the SBA List Pro-life Leadership Pledge in Iowa last week was just our first successful stop along the road to Victory in 2012.

Will you please make an urgent contribution to the SBA List so that we can continue our work in nominating a strong pro-life leader to take on Barack Obama and ultimately defeat him in 2012?

Don’t forget that on our urgent nationwide “Road to 2012 Victory” webcast last week, we announced a special $45,000 matching gift, which means that if your donation is made before midnight this Wednesday, August 17th, it will be instantly doubled by a generous donor who wants to help jump start the SBA List’s efforts to lay the groundwork for pro-life victory in 2012.

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James Pat, since last Wednesday’s webcast with Iowa Congressman Steve King, we’ve raised just under $10,000. While I am always grateful for every dollar that is generously donated, we are still $35,000 away from reaching the matching challenge.

Please don’t force us to leave any of this generosity on the table—not when we’ve just make a successful step on the road to electing a pro-life Leader to the White House in 2012.

Make an investment in our efforts and make the most generous contribution you can so that your SBA List can continue to lay the groundwork for a pro-life victory in 2012.

Go here make a one-time donation that will be instantly doubled up to $45,000 by generous long-time friend of the SBA List.

Or click here to make an investment for Life by making a monthly contribution to our pro-life work.

James Pat, the SBA List Bus Tour team is home and getting some much-needed rest, but it won’t be long until we’re on the road again, bringing our message straight to the voters in key states.

I look forward to sharing more pictures, video, and media coverage from the SBA List’s time in Iowa with you later this week. Until then, know that we will continue this fight until all the presidential candidates step up and commit to being a true leader on Life. Not only must we defeat Barack Obama in 2012, we must ensure he is replaced by a president who is fully committed to advancing laws that save lives.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

P.S. James Pat, we’ve just a made a successful stop on the road to electing a pro-life leader to the White House in 2012 and we have until Wednesday at midnight to take advantage of an offer from a very generous friend to the SBA List. Please make an urgent one-time donation right now to the SBA List or invest in our efforts by making a monthly contribution.

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