Heartland Parkway and the Egg Before the Chicken | James Pat Guerréro

A government official, Jim Coletta, wants the Heartland Parkway, and an environmentalist, Nancy Peyton, opposes it. What IS the issue, is that both have missed the real issue. Both have adopted their political perspectives and fail to address the real issue: family and private property. The question is do the families and businesses really need the Heartland Parkway and how would it service the families and businesses in the area impacted. It is agreed that neither conservancy nor business should be neglected.

First, the environmentalist, says one shouldn’t build a road and hope that families and business flock around it, it’s a drain hole for government money for false stimulation of jobs, and fails to address conservancy issues.

The government official says Immokalee needs it, businesses need it for economic development, and future Florida needs corridors to be opened throughout the southern half of the state.

The main overriding concern is one shouldn’t leave it up to the Florida Department of Transportation to say that transportation is needed for the future of Florida! For example, from the Naples Daily News quote by Ananth Prasad,

“In order for the state to maintain our competitive edge, we must not only maintain our existing system at the highest levels, we must also plan for a transportation system not just for the next decade but for decades to come,” Prasad said. “This means we must plan and develop our future corridors.”

This is like the Rooster says to the Chicken Hens, “Hey, we gotta lay more eggs because eggs are the life food of every human meal!” No, the humans decide how many eggs to produce according to their own eating patterns.

Here’s a legitimate hypothesis to start out with: the current families and businesses can decide what corridors need to be improved for the future. One brings in more families by having more schools, then jobs. Businesses decide where is best to assume the risk for business, therefore the government should improve by lowering regulation, permitting and taxing. This hypothetical beginning serves two important purposes: conservancy will be attained because neighbors appreciate the environment and want to work together to keep from imposing one’s own goals on another’s; and secondly, limited government ensures that growth in population and economy will occur.

Read More: State DOT to renew study of Heartland Parkway, Collier to Orlando route – POLL » Naples Daily News.


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