Governor Rick Scott’s Weekly Newsletter – August 12, 2011

Governor Scott Promotes Florida’s Back-to-School Sales Tax HolidayThe sales tax holiday this weekend will provide some welcome relief to families. Parents from across Florida will be able to buy clothes and supplies for their children – tax free. This sales tax holiday weekend will help ensure our future doctors, lawyers and teachers have the tools they need to be successful in the classroom.

Starting today and going through the weekend you can save some of your hard-earned money when buying clothing, notebooks and school supplies. Shoppers will be able to purchase specific school supplies, clothing and footwear without paying state and local taxes. The sales tax exemption applies to certain schools supplies that cost $15 or less, and to clothing, footwear and certain accessories selling for $75 or less.

I am grateful to the Florida Legislature for continuing this great tradition. I encourage all Florida families to use the holiday to prepare for the upcoming school year. Making sure Florida has the most educated workforce is one of my top priorities. I am committed to making sure that each Floridian has an opportunity to receive a world-class education.

So remember, today through Sunday – just this weekend – take advantage of the back to school sales tax holiday and have a great school year. Shoppers and retailers can find a list of tax-exempt items by visiting the Florida Department of Revenue’s website at, in the “Current Topics” box.

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Promises Made, Promises Kept:

Governor Scott Donates School Supplies to Promote Florida’s Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday

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jpegThis week I helped DCF announce that 3,009 children in foster care were adopted last year in Florida. I am so happy that so many children in foster care have been adopted. They will grow up supported and loved by a permanent family. I have met many of our children in foster care available for adoption. They have captured my heart.

Florida has found adoptive families for nearly 14,000 children in foster care during the past four years. But about 800 children still need a loving home. I encourage families throughout the state to experience the joy of adoption.


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On Thursday, Governor Rick Scott and Lt. Governor Jennifer Carroll held their third quarterly Florida Base Commanders meeting at Naval Air Station Key West. Florida is the most welcoming State in the nation to our military, and our Base Commanders meetings provide the Governor and his agencies a chance to listen and respond to the Commanders’ needs. Florida is home to 20 military instillations, which account for over $60 billion in gross state product and 700,000 defense related jobs. As head of military affairs for Florida, Lt. Governor Carroll is visiting each military instillation and holding defense contractor business roundtables to help promote and grow jobs.


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