Newt Won the Debate in Ames, Iowa. | James Pat Guerréro

Where in the world is Ames, Iowa? One did a quick Google map search to learn it’s way up there in central Iowa, north of Des Moines. What catches one’s attention quickly is that the city is located just off U.S. Interstate 35 to the west. It reminds one of the young time in Austin, Texas, residing less than one block from the same Interstate, and listening to the Mack trucks roll up and down ‘ole 35 every night. The tractor-trailer doppler sound had a way of putting one to sleep like a baby.

So Ames is the place to be for a GOP debate. Why particularly there is still a big question mark? The national audience saw in alphabetical order: Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, Ron Paul, Tim Pawlenty, Mitt Romney, and Rick Santorum.

One thinks that people have common sense in Iowa and can sort through the uninspiring questions that the media had asked each candidate. It must have been immediately clear to the Iowans that the questions didn’t address the issues well.

The questions appeared to be designed to create some antagonism among the candidates or to provoke defensiveness away from the issues. For instance, Pawlenty said Bachman hadn’t accomplished much in Congress, and then, Bachman landed a salvo on Pawlenty saying that he was a liberal governor. Admittedly, not much of the issue was answered in the question.

The media planned it this way; and not much integrity on Fox Cable Channel can be claimed. Chris Wallace keeps on ticking with the “gotcha” questions, and Newt Gingrich called him to task on his particular “gotcha” question to Newt. True, Newt went on the defensive; in this case that was the best attack. Every once in a while the media must be disrespected, like when one calls a policeman wrong, and then goes and has a beer with him. Remember when Obama did that.

One wasn’t particularly impressed with the debate or whatever it’s called. Debates are history, now, when they should be present and to the point. Perhaps only Iowans can decipher the questions and answers. As one was sitting and listening to the “show,” because it wasn’t a debate, a big rainstorm ensued, the house lights started flickering, and the power went out for about less than two hours. One got to hear each candidate answer once, though, to be reassured that nothing has changed.

As far as who was the best GOP candidate in one’s opinion, well, that was very early decided many months ago. Newt Gingrich is the best.

Here are just three good reasons why.

  1. Newt is well-liked by people, contrary to what the media thinks. The media would not want him as President. He would definitely change the country toward economic recovery and beyond. He knows where the economic woes are, and he can defuse them.
  2. Newt knows where the power must come for a limited, conservative government. It must come from the people. So, he works hard on inspiring the people to participate in the electoral process.
  3. Newt has reached the minorities more than any other Republican or Libertarian candidate. Especially the Hispanic minority support his ideas on the economy and immigration reform.

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