Marla Ramsey’s “You Screwed Up” in so many words | James Pat Guerréro

Of course, Marcy Krumbine had to resign. Marla Ramsey’s internal conversation with Krumbine was critical to get the ball rolling. How does one do it: get someone to be “the scapegoat?” Marla Ramsey’s relation, Frank Ramsey, is or was Marcy Krumbine’s boss. Both, Marcy and Frank, work under the Public Services Administration of Collier County, and one or the other has to go. Only one, though, not both. That’s what’s called an insidious act of implication and smacks of simony in the rawest form. Poor Marla, she has incriminated herself, too, as well as her relation, Frank, aka “Buddy.” This group is responsible mainly for the problems with unpaid housing contractors in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s housing recovery programs.

The housing recovery programs are the State Housing Initiative Program (SHIP) and the Disaster Recovery Program (DRI).

Marla Ramsey and Frank Ramsey should be fired and investigated for not paying housing contractors. Krumbine resigned, but she should be investigated.

Marla Ramsey said to the Naples Daily News.

When asked if she had asked Krumbine, who resigned last week, to step aside in order to bring in new leadership, Ramsey said “No, not in so many words.”

“I can’t recall that I made those particular words that you have to step aside,” she said.

Marla Ramsey is evading responsibility for the mismanagement of housing taxpayer funds under her own administration. If she took responsibility for asking Krumbine to resign, then she clearly acknowledges assumption of responsibility for Krumbine’s errors or omissions. Marla’ Ramsey’s relation, Frank Ramsey, who is or was the Housing Director, is implicated, too. How does one say in “particular words,”  “you screwed up under my administration,” “in so many words” just to Krumbine, and not to Frank Ramsey?

Read More: Krumbine says she was asked to step aside; Supervisor says not exactly » Naples Daily News.


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