Collier unpaid housing contractors no laughing matter, bye Krumbine | James Pat Guerréro

The Director of the Collier County Housing, Human and Veteran Services Department, Marcy Krumbine, resigns. Why? Because of corruption in the Collier County Housing, Human and Veteran Services department and the Collier County Purchasing department.

This has been known for some time, at least since August 1, 2009. So, this isn’t a surprise – to any County official. One has reported on it many times. Just rewind the Collier County Commission videos.

Intractable coördination among the above named departments, including the Collier County Commission and the Finance Department of the Collier County Clerk of Court, all combine to stop or delay payments to housing contractors, who are strictly qualified by the County.

One requests criminal investigations of waste, fraud and abuse on taxpayer funds on any government employee who has misrepresented the housing programs and breached contract with contractors. Collier County unpaid housing contractors are no laughing matter. Goodbye, and please don’t return to government, Krumbine.

Read More: Collier housing director resigns amid unfinished work payment controversy » Naples Daily News.


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