Tammie Nemecek’s “Government Idea of Economic Development” | James Pat Guerréro

Tammie Nemecek is retiring. Why? Because of her idea.

Tammie Nemecek’s idea of economic development is “government economic development.” This idea is far and away from free market principles. Her idea of economic development is curved space compared to the gravity of the economic problem in Collier County. She is right for the Florida Economic Gardening Institute and GrowFL: more government-funded, entrepreneurial agents – what she knows about. Rumor is flying that the one to replace her will do no better than her.

One also observes that she applied for the CEO and President of the Sarasota Economic Development Corp., but that job did not pan out for her. Sarasota County is entertaining Jackson Laboratory from Maine. Jackson Laboratory failed acceptance in Collier County. It would not be going well for Nemecek if the upcoming voter referendum decides “no” for Jackson Laboratory in Sarasota County.

One thinks that Nemecek had a perfect opportunity to do well in Collier County after so many years. Nemecek just did not understand the demographics for a free market based economy – and wasn’t bold enough to lead accordingly.

Read More: Tammie Nemecek lands UCF ‘gardening’ job, leaves Collier EDC post in 10 days » Naples Daily News.


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