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Jesuits host pro-homosexual event – sign protest! | America Needs Fatima

Posted in Christian Desecration, New York U.S. by James Pat Guerréro on 08/02/2011

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Scandal: homosexual activists plan to deny Catholic teaching at
Jesuit Fordham University Event

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Dear To Whom It May Concern,

Please join me in protesting a pro-homosexual event called “Learning to Listen; More than a monologue: Sexual diversity and the Catholic Church”, which is scheduled at Jesuit Fordham University on September 16th.

Yes, you read correctly. A pro-homosexual event at a Catholic University.

Sadly, the event undermines God’s natural order, features pro-homosexual ‘Catholic’ speakers, and is financed by a pro-homosexual foundation.

That’s why a more accurate title would be “Refusing to Listen: Using a prestigious Catholic University to undermine Church teaching against homosexual sin.”

For instead of promoting and accepting official Church teaching on homosexual sin, this conference uses the prestigious platform of Fordham University to launch a “conversation” on sexual diversity.

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See, homosexual activists would like to “change” the Church because its holy doctrine is a roadblock to their radical goal: same-sex “marriage,” adoption privileges, and eventually, complete and unrestricted sexual anarchy.

“There’s an alarming effort to force teenagers and college students to accept homosexual behavior as normal, even on many Catholic campuses,” observed TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie. “Never has so much sin been promoted in the name of diversity.”

According to his research, 41% of Catholic universities and colleges allow pro-homosexual clubs to freely operate on their campuses. (See research report)

“It’s so basic, but worth repeating. God created male and female: Adam and Eve. Tampering with that reality – which is rooted in nature itself – only favors moral confusion and sinful activity,” said Ritchie. “Behavior against nature has a name. It’s called sin, not diversity.”

Proclaim the truth: protest and pray

For 2,000 years, the enemies of the Church have sought to overthrow Her.

This lecture series is only an example. But we must remember that the Church is Holy and Immortal, and as Our Lord Himself promised, the gates of hell will never prevail against It.

I invite you to sign a peaceful online protest, urging the president and staff of Fordham University not to host “Learning to Listen; More than a monologue: Sexual diversity and the Catholic Church.”

Register your protest here

Thank you!

Robert E. Ritchie
Robert E. Ritchie
America Needs Fatima
PS – We do not intend to defame or disparage anyone with this campaign. Nor do we have personal hatred against any individual.By intellectually opposing individuals or organizations promoting the homosexual agenda, our only intent is to defend marriage, the family, Catholic education, and the precious remnants of Christian civilization in society.

Send your instant e-protest message to Fordham University

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  1. Linda Chasey Edwards said, on 08/16/2014 at 6:13 PM

    Interesting read. Hank Bennett was my uncle, and I know he loved Corkscrew Swamp with a passion.


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