Commissioner Hiller: the Lone Ranger had Tonto, Silver, and Bullet to Help! | James Pat Guerréro

[For the sake of the “stupid” author, here are some errors and corrections. “Tanto” was misspelled. “Tonto” is the correct spelling. The author must still be recovering from a brain injury because he didn’t want to admit in his mind that “Tonto,” really means “stupid” in Spanish, is actually helping Commissioner Hiller. But the Native American who helped the ‘Lone Ranger” was named “Tonto.” AND, the horse, “Trigger,” was really the horse belonging to Roy Rogers of the television series, Roy Rogers. The author met to write the horse name, “Silver.” So much for being an accurate journalist.]

The Naples Daily News chose the wrong word description for Commissioner Hiller. The word was “Maverick.” In America that word translates to an “American who thinks on her own.” Oh, well, the journalist will get it next time, derogatorily.

Certainly, Hiller is a help to Collier County. The North Naples district is rather fortunate to have her. One wishes that her type would be candidates for the remaining four districts.

Only six months in office, Hiller creates a buzz. Hiller stands for accountability and low or no taxation based on conservative principles. The journalist is correct that this is new to the Collier County Commissioners being that they’ve been in office for about 12 years. One bets the angst commissioners are fed up and worn out by the Maverick. A $10 bet is on the table to anyone who challenges this hypothesis.

Here’s a beautiful quote from Michael Reagen, a local Chamber of Commerce executive:

“Clearly she is bright, well-schooled, articulate, energetic and clearly she is ambitious and she can be charming,” Greater Naples Area Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Michael Reagen said. “Style, I think, is wanting. She seems to be awfully self-absorbed, she can be off-putting, she has been abrasive and insulting, and frankly, can be a little over the top.”

He didn’t say anything specific on her issues that was substantial. Some words show she’s too big for him. That would be “Maverick Stylish.” One likes the “off-putting” in reference to golfing. Are the commerce people on the golf course waiting for the economy to improve while Collier County suffers economically now? Typical of business people not to do anything but just wait and see. One’s advice is: don’t wait too long.

Good God, Hiller is correct on one should not take anything the County provides in staff meetings at face value. Collier County government is truly the self-absorbing machine and interested in its self-existence. But Hiller researches everything; that’s what taxpayers pay commissioners to do, i.e., to be a hard worker, to be a very hard worker.

Beautiful quotes seem to come from high-ranking business people. Here’s one from Edward Morton, NCH Healthcare System CEO.

“I think she would be well-advised to be more inclusive of county staff and others who are there to help her analyze issues and (take) less of a Lone Ranger approach,” Morton said.

The word “inclusive” denotes a union mentality. It’s okay to be part of a union, but it should also be okay to disassociate from a union. Yes, Florida is a right-to-work state. Morton knows that executives work hard because of the risk they accept. Commissioner Hiller works hard, too. Perhaps, the County staff cannot really help her at this time. Perhaps, they don’t know what she needs, yet. They’re in training by an executive who would know, just like the Edward Morton’s of the world would know how to lead staff. Hey, Lone Ranger had “Tonto” to help! – that’s one – and “Silver,” too! Don’t forget “Bullet!” – They’re adding up.

Read More: The Hiller effect: Maverick Collier commissioner a help or hindrance to county? » Naples Daily News.


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