Ah, so!, Mulhere’s a Lobbyist for Economic Development in Ave Maria, FL | James Pat Guerréro

Ah, so!, as the Japanese say, Robert Mulhere is a lobbyist/consultant and owns Mulhere & Associates LLC, a Collier County lobbying firm. Yet, Mulhere actually works for the Collier County Economic Development Council (EDC) as Chairman, which also means he’s a government official. Coming back to government, any business, like Arthrex, Inc., has no choice but to somehow get around government to do business. With Mulhere’s credentials any business could decide to get his help. Ah, so!, Mulhere is on the side of business against another government official, Commissioner Hiller. By Mulhere’s claim, not only does Commissioner Hiller misrepresent growth in Jim Coletta’s District 5, which includes Ave Maria, but also Commissioner Hiller misrepresents her own District 2. The two potential growth spots for Arthrex happen to be in both Districts 2 and 5.

Mulhere’s hypothesis is negative. There is no reason why Hiller would misrepresent her District and Commissioner Jim Coletta’s District 5, including Ave Maria, precisely because there isn’t any reason to do so.

One should go over Commissioner Hiller’s credentials to remind:

  • Republican; not a RINO, contrary to the ideas of the Collier County Commission (CCC)
  • Conservative; something really new to the CCC – a lady on fire for conservatism
  • Fiscally Responsible; she said she would be so, and she is
  • Attorney; the only attorney on the CCC
  • Public Accountant; that would assist the Commissioners to account for their decisions on taxpayers’ money

Mulhere has his own conflicting situation: a lobbyist and government official at the same time on the same issue. Now, Mulhere has to deal with Hiller’s claim according to the Naples Daily News (NDN).

Hiller said her arguments against Arthrex receiving the incentives were misrepresented in an attempt to impugn her integrity.

Hiller was the only dissenting vote 4 – 1 against Arthrex receiving the incentives, yet it appears to be the only vote that unsettles the lobbyists and business. Impugning a Commissioner’s integrity is a serious issue, but the underlying problem is that Mulhere and Arthrex certainly realize that any growth either in District 2 or 5 will be very carefully scrutinized accounting-wise, and they’re afraid of that risk. Fear may encourage these men and women to move in the direction to somehow unseat Commissioner Hiller. Would that fearful action be a conservative move in the climate of correcting corruption in Collier County?

EDC Executive Director Tammie Nemecek first tried to get Jackson Laboratory to come to Ave Maria, Collier County, Florida, which did not work. Now, she wants Arthrex to grow into Ave Maria, which may not work. Then, she wants Commissioner Hiller to admit that she’s politically stopping Jim Coletta from receiving benefit if Arthrex receives incentives for growing in Ave Maria. One can answer easily that Jim Coletta will benefit unconditionally and politically. But that’s not the reason Commissioner Hiller voted solely against in a 4 -1 vote. Commissioner voted against according to her judgment as a Commissioner in Collier County because of potentially unnecessary costs to the taxpayers of Collier County and hypothetically corrupt accounting practices by the Commission in her view.

One respects Arthrex, Inc., and President Reinhold Schmieding for leading an outstanding company. One also thinks that it would be better to keep the government corruption to a minimum.

Robert Mulhere has many other nightmares to confront. According to an NDN commenter, one nightmare is:

Prior to becoming a consultant, Bob [Robert Mulhere] worked as chief planner for Collier County. He was instrumental in establishing the Rural Lands Stewardship Area [RLSA] program in Eastern Collier County. [Author’s Note: The RLSA comprises all of the Ave Maria and Ave Maria District project in Florida.]

Simply, there are too many conflicts of interest for Robert Mulhere, as he makes a good living.

Read More: Arthrex founder: No need to retract comments or apologize to Commissioner Hiller » Naples Daily News.

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