Ronald Bracey Protects His Family in Naples, FL | James Pat Guerréro

The Naples Daily News reported a shooting as follows:

The three men accused of the armed-home invasion robbery, Fidel Abel Marrero-Rodriguez, 27; Pedro Louis Herrera, 25; and Yadier Gonzalez-Rodriguez, 27, are also facing a charge of impersonating a law enforcement officer.

Actually, four men intruded the family home of Ronald Bracey (69) who lives on 6735 N. Everglades Blvd., Naples, FL 34120. These men impersonated police officers at about 7:15 AM on July 26th. One of the men pointed a weapon at the head of his wife. Bracey’s one daughter was also in the dwelling. After Bracey managed to retreive his weapon, there was a shootout inside his home. Bracey managed to fire one round into the shoulder of one of the assailants, and all the assailants ran out and into the nearby woods. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office deputies captured three of the men, and one is still missing.

Read More: Protecting his home from intruders: Is Estates man a hero or lucky? » Naples Daily News.


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