Study the Current Demographics of Collier County: There’s Your Answer | James Pat Guerréro

The final gathering of about 60 people who are helping to find the economic future of Collier County are resolving to make a report by January 1st. One thinks the problem of economy is more a political problem of control over what economy can be done. When community affairs management, environmental protection management, water management, economic development management, impact fee taxation, and regulation get in the way, what economic freedoms and opportunities can be respected?

The Collier County Commission sidestepped its responsibility once again by scooting away with a directive to a workshop to write some recommendations. The culture of “big business and relaxation” must give way to small business enterprise of whatever industry, and that is ensured by the conservative law-making of the Collier County Commission. The Naples Daily News summarizes, and Peter Gaddy opines,

While most agreed there are problems that need to be addressed, some have no faith in the officials elected to do so.

“There is a culture of corruption and it has been in Collier County for years,” said Peter Gaddy, 66, of Golden Gate Estates. “We need to stop having workshops and make some changes.”

Creating jobs means for the public sector to allow the private sector to create jobs. The public sector supports the real creators of jobs. People and businesses create jobs, and people need schools for families’ children. It’s all a family and business-oriented approach. There are no wealthy persons who come from inside or outside this county who can create the economy that they would like to see. If this is the hypothesis, it will end up negative. It is better to hypothesize what the people, the demographics, of Collier County can do. Then, the approach should be to study the current demographics of Collier County and what it could enterprise.

If the inertial economy of Collier County becomes momentum, the market will stay in motion and flourish through it’s own people.

[Author’s Note: one must pass this response to the appropriate workshop.]

Read More: Winning the future: Public discusses how to improve Collier’s economic outlook » Naples Daily News.


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