The Parents and Children of the Los Herreras Community will learn Swimming Safety | James Pat Guerréro

On last Monday afternoon, an Immokalee two-year-old girl drowned in another resident’s swimming pool. According to the Naples Daily News, Andrea Meza Santana ran away from inside her parents’ house to the next door neighbor’s pool, got through the pool barrier’s open door, tried to swim, and was found minutes later drowned face-down in the pool. It happened that quickly.

The mother chased after the little girl around buildings on her way to the laundromat in the 15-unit Los Herreras community. But the little girl was not where the mother thought she was. When the mother searched the neighbor’s swimming pool, the mother found her floating, face-down in the pool. This whole episode occurred within about 15 minutes.

The father extracted the daughter from the pool, and she was transported to NCH North Naples Hospital in North Naples, where she later died.

Most young children love water. The real problem is some don’t know how to swim, much less know how to save someone who is drowning. What is the moral of this story? Drowning comes like a thief in the night for children who don’t know how to swim. Then it is quite appropriate for parents and children to learn swimming safety. The parents and children of  the Los Herreras community will do just that.

Read More: 2-year-old’s drowning death called ‘terrible accident’ » Naples Daily News.


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