Arthrex Stymied by the Collier County Commission 4 – 1 Vote | James Pat Guerréro

Arthrex, Inc., wants a unanimous vote from the Collier County Commission, but it appears that that won’t happen just yet. Commissioner Hiller submitted the lone vote against approving $2.2 million in economic incentive funding for Arthrex’ two expansions: one in North Naples, the other in Ave Maria.

Hiller said that Arthrex had already announced plans for building a 160,000 square foot facility in Ave Maria before submitting its application; that Arthrex doesn’t own the land that is to be donated by Barron Collier Cos.; and that Arthrex “has failed to disclose patent infringement lawsuits.” It is unclear why it needs to show patent infringement lawsuits ($85 million Oregon judgement against the company).

Arthrex is tending to continue negotiations for a building in Fort Myers that is $10 million less to build than the $17 million price to build in Ave Maria. The General Counsel of Arthrex, Scott Price, stated that Arthrex will continue negotiations with the property owner in Fort Myers until Arthrex reaches a final decision on a new site.

Although Commissioner Hiller is the North Naples Commissioner for Arthrex, she stands on the need to show the lawsuit, to account for the impact fee transfer between government funds, and to recalculate the high-wage jobs (600) for the high-wage job creation incentive.

Tim Nance, the candidate for District 5, said that the jobs should be required to be supplied by Collier county residents, not from outside Collier. Nance also believes there should be an accounting of impact fee transfers.

Arthrex applied for the fast-track permitting process, which is desired in an over-regulated system but the government also regulates performance based on deadlines.

The Real Solution:

  1. The government should not ask for financial statements from companies and executives.
  2. The government should not have an impact fee policy nor collect impact fees.
  3. The government should not have economic stimulus programs that don’t stimulate business growth.
  4. The government should not have incentives that tie construction to performance deadlines.
  5. The government should not have economic development stimulus programs that are a top down problem: federal to state to local.

Read More: Collier commission approves $2.2M for Arthrex expansion; Hiller dissent leaves project in doubt » Naples Daily News.

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