Judicial Activism Alert: Federal judge overturns death penalty | Jesse Phillips

Judicial Activism Alert:
Federal judge overturns death penalty
Restore Justice 2012

Have you ever had trouble finding information about a judge?

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I have an urgent judicial activism alert to let you know about.

Last week, a U.S. District Court judge in South Florida issued a far-reaching decision which overturned a death penalty sentence for Paul Evans, a murder-for-cash villain and could prevent future victims of violent crime from receiving death penalty closure and justice.

Paul Evans–who was convicted of pre-meditated murder beyond reasonable doubt by due process of law–is pictured here with federal Judge Jose Martinez who felt the jury didn’t sufficiently explain why they thought he should die.

Judge Martinez and Paul Evans

Not pictured here is Alan Pfeiffer, whose wife hired Evans to kill him in cold blood in return for a portion of the insurance relief she would collect upon his death.

You can read more about the case at the Florida Judicial Review.

Judicial activism is a huge problem in Florida. I need your help in fighting it. Although it’s not possible for voters to remove federal judges like Martinez, our state is full of activist judges that we can remove.

Please visit our Citizen2Citizen website to join our growing network of concerned citizens who are working on the Restore Justice 2012 campaign, as we seek to stop the activist madness and restore the independent, originalist judiciary that Floridians deserve.

Jesse Phillips

Restore Justice 2012

PO Box 2449
Goldenrod, Florida 32733

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