Maria Lopez: The Mother and Child Go Together Always – But Not in Immokalee | James Pat Guerréro

Immokalee, FL: One can quickly see that the mug shot of Maria Lopez reveals fatigue, worn, and anxiety. Perhaps Lopez did pass out – isn’t that a sign for the need of medical attention? If this is the case, someone can call a family member or friend to help with the three children a while until she’s sobered up. Doesn’t a mother once in a while relapse because of the enormous pressure to watch children, educate children, and work to support the children at the same time?

Should “anonymous” call the Collier County Sheriff because of the belief of “drinking” or the belief of the need for medical attention? And why should “anonymous” not name herself if she wants to help people?  “Anonymous” does not name herself because she also knows that it is against the law to inaccurately report someone for child abuse, if the result of the investigation is that there was no child abuse.

Does a mother occasionally get driven to “drinking” because of her motherhood that suffers to die and not give up on the children? But, “anonymous” gets bolder and lingers to trigger the call even to the Department of Children and Families (DCF), as if the state could do better. It may be the law, but the law has to do something for the whole family, not just the children – the mother and child go together always, whether in prison (what they call a state home) or in a real home.

But this does not occur in Immokalee, Florida. Lopez was accused and arrested by the Collier County Sheriff because of “neglect of a child without great bodily harm,” according to the report.

Indignity of women persists in Immokalee not because the women in Immokalee neglect their children but because the state has it wrong on what parents need to support their families. Parents have primary rights to support their families – the state only supports those rights.

Here’s a recommendation for the Florida Department of Children and Families. Change the department name to “Florida Department of Families” – that’s it. The name of “Family” includes every one – husband, wife, and children. The state department name change, surely, will raise the ire of children special interest groups in Florida, who are more interested in prostituting the breakup of families for money. Special interests who have the benefit of wealth that result on a “new look” on altruism can get it wrong on the solution for families.

Read More: Immokalee woman accused of passing out, leaving children unattended » Naples Daily News.


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