Arthrex Sports Medicine Symposium – At the Top | James Pat Guerréro

Experts in the field of sports medicine met with 112 graduates (fellows) at a forum held by Arthrex. The second annual Arthrex Sports Medicine Symposium in Naples, Florida, connected with the doctors who recently completed their residencies. Last weekend the three-day event covered lectures, demonstrations, and lab work in the company’s facility.

Among the experts were team doctors from the U.S. soccer team, the U.S. Olympic ski team, the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Red Sox, and the University of Connecticut.  Dr. James Lubowitz said,

“There’s always been meetings and courses, but nothing like this,” said Dr. James Lubowitz, one of the event’s faculty members and a member of the U.S. Olympic Ski Team’s medical staff. “The hands-on experience that’s provided to the fellows that attend this event is really unique.”

Founder Reinhold Schmieding provides the food, travel, and lodging for all those who attend the event. Arthrex provides the faculty guest list and intimate setting in terms of classrooms and grounds.

The guest faculty are doctors and surgeons who are the prominent experts in the field, and the doctors on the fellowships have a great opportunity to learn from the best in the world.

The fellows get to work in “wet labs” on site with cadaveric limbs. They get to perform techniques demonstrated by the faculty. The fellows learn new techniques that make them better, especially when something goes wrong, and give important feedback to make the patient better.

Arthrex aspires to stay at the forefront of sports medicine and works with doctors like Brian Busconi and James Lubowitz to develop new tools and techniques to improve the “success rates and rehabilitation times from major surgeries.”

The Sports Medicine Symposium is part of the overall medical education that Arthrex provides year round. Arthrex provides medical education to an average of 5,000 visitors per year.

Fellow Dr. Armin Harandi attended the Symposium back-to-back and had this to say,

“This is one of the best opportunities for people like myself to learn before I’m on my own,” Harandi said. “Many people hope to have a chance to attend an event like this, and I’m glad to have to attended both years and gained valuable knowledge that I’m sure I’ll put into practice.”

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