Blasphemous Exhibit of Our Lady at University College Cork (Ireland) | James Pat Guerréro

Alma Lopez will display the art exhibit, “Our Lady and other Queer Santas,” at the University College Cork (Ireland) on June 24 as part of a conference on hispanic studies. Lopez continues the exhibition on Our Lady previously began through the publication of her blasphemous book, “Our Lady of Controversy: Alma Lopez’s ‘Irreverent’ Apparition.” The exhibit is an impure collage of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

To send an e-protest: E0314 protest | Protest.

2 Replies to “Blasphemous Exhibit of Our Lady at University College Cork (Ireland) | James Pat Guerréro”

  1. Hi there concerned people. Please consider all the suffering which has been caused by a belief in a or the “Blessed Vergin”. All the Magdalen Laundries, all the persecusion by the “Sisters of Mercy” etc etc.. All because of a sexual hangup that created the myth that a woman can give birth without a sexual act. 2010 years ago, it would have required sexual intercourse, but that was considered so discusting that a myth had to be created. It was still considered so discusting until recently, and until they could not get away with it any more, the catholic church had to cleanse women after childbirth by “churching” them. Until we overcome the control of religion, we can never advance as a people. Robert Bennett.


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